Eastern Indiana Wifi Inc.

Our first tower !

                             Welcome to Eastern Indiana WIFI Inc.

Here are a few things that may help you in the future and we look forward to providing you excellent service.   If you have any questions you can refer to this sheet for solutions concerning common problems.  To take full advantage of our services you should log into our customer portal so that you can see your usage and billing information 24/7.   Below are phone numbers for questions that are not answered on the website.

Customer Portal, this is used to make payments and see current usage and past payments.  We do not sell, give or distribute your email or any information about you to anyone.  If you set up automatic payments with your bank, we have no control when or how much you pay, that is up to you and your bank.  We cannot request a payment from the bank.  So if you use this method be sure the amounts and dates are correct. 

Tech support and billing is available 9:00 am to 5:00 pm  Monday-Friday
We offer 7 day business account support.

BILLING questions, ask for Sara Ballinger   765-998-7651  (Walnut Creek Golf Courses Inc.)       9:00am to 5:00 pm.

You may make payments either on our customer portal (let us know if you need help logging into it) or you can pay with a check to   Eastern Indiana Wifi Inc.  Box 276 Upland  46989  We do not take credit cards over the phone or at either location.

TECH SUPPORT  ask for Gregg Ballinger   765-998-2421 (Upland Hardware Inc.)       

For a little explanation of why these numbers….
The Upland Hardware is a 3rd generation business   serving our community and Walnut Creek Golf Course is a third generation business also serving our community.    We saw a need for high speed broadband in our community and pooled our resources to buy equipment to put on the Upland water tower and use wireless microwave to bring high speed broadband to our community.    We then borrowed money to erect our first tower, a 160’ tower located at the Upland Hardware which is the home base of the service. 

     The first thing to do is unplug your router from the power supply and at the same time unplug the power supply to our Poe.  It is often advisable to also reboot your computer at the same time.  When you unplug the power cords to your router and our Poe leave them unplugged for about 1 minute.  This will give them time to re-set just like you do with your computer when it locks up.  Plug back in with the Poe first, router second and your computer last.  Give the system about 5-10 minutes to re-establish it’s connection.  If you do not get reconnected in 10 minutes please give us a call and we can have someone log into your radio remotely and see where the problem is or if necessary come out for a repair; often the problem is with your router, consumer routers often only last 2 or 3 years and often end up being the problem.  If you feel comfortable doing so, try bypassing your router and connecting the Lan port of our Poe directly to one of your computers.    If you do not feel comfortable doing this please call and we can walk you through it and we can find out if the problem is our equipment or your equipment. 

SPEED   Several things effect speed.  First your connection plan you are on.  We started out with pretty slow connections because of equipment limitations and if you still are on our old basic plan you probably need to upgrade. The pricing is on our website.  We are happy to let you try out a faster connection without any cost. 

If a customer’s equipment is infected with a virus it could cause the computer  to run full bore and saturate a connection.  Some times a customer radio also becomes a problem for the system because of trees growing up in front of the radio or even being blocked by a vehicle or just being blown out of alignment.  We suggest you might want to check these things because it can affect not only your service but also your neighbors.  Again, often routers will run amuck and can spew gibberish throughout the system. Also, routers if on the same channel as our equipment it will interfere with both signals.  Do not set your router to automatically find open channel. If there is a poor connection due to any of the above reasons then it can degrade the entire customer base on a tower.     It is important for us to know if you are experiencing a problem right away not 3 weeks later.  Most problems can be solved very quickly. 

Something that has been a problem for some users is how many devices  you have connected to the system.  Think of it this way, if you have a garden hose with 1 meg of water flowing.  If you put a Y on it then each hose gets ½ of the connection and if you put a Y on each of the hoses then you only get ¼ out of each connection.  If you have a one Meg connection and have 3 TVs or3 Netflix running at the same time it will divide up your connection, it will not deliver 1 Meg to each one.   Stop and think how many users you have on the connection.  If you have a program running in the background it may be using bandwidth.  Sometimes a user will set a computer to download music or movies while they are gone without anyone else’s knowledge.  Another thing that happens, you may turn on your computer after being shut off for a couple of days, and it seems really slow: it probably is doing updates to both windows and your virus protection.  Updates usually start when the computer turns on and depending upon how many updates it may need it will use most of your connection to do so.  Please treat your internet connection like a faucet, turn it off when you are not using it, if you leave an application like Netflix run while you are gone it will continue to use up your bandwidth allotment.

IF YOU WANT TO DO A SPEED TEST:  We recommend   www.speedtest.net   and when it loads the Indiana map use the Mooresville location.  This speed test location is just outside of our network so that gives you a true estimation of the speed on OUR network.  If you are trying to do a speed test to another part of the country or to Google or somewhere else, it is outside of our system and there may be 20 or more routers and switches before it gets there.  And if you have a problem with a particular website then it may just be the capacity of their website and not the route to get there.  But do let us know if you are experiencing trouble, we do want to help.  Websites today use much more bandwidth than they did 5 years ago, they continually load more information as you look at the site. One final issue on speed is the age of your computer and the software that is running on it.  If you have an old PC it may be SLOW.  Clock speeds, and memory of 5 years ago just do not allow the speeds that browsers need and people want today.  Find someone that has a new laptop to do a speed test on your connection and see the difference.  Here at the golf course I have all ages of machines and they give all different speeds of surfing and speed tests.  Our tech people can usually see if you are having trouble passing traffic and we do watch the system closely but things do happen so let us know how we can help.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR WIRELESS ROUTERS:  we do sell routers and will set them up for you if you purchase one from us but warranty is through the manufacturer. 

GOOD PRACTICES TO DO;  write your password for your router on your router, keep your password for both your email as well as your  log in for your CUSTOMER PORTAL in a secure location.  We do not know these passwords and cannot get into your email or computer.

Please log into our webpage  www.eiwifi.com and set up your secure user portal that will allow payment online.  We cannot accept credit cards at our physical locations.  Also please read our terms of service and acceptable use policy.  We reserve the right to suspend or terminate service to any radio that is causing our system performance problems. We are here because we started providing a service to this area that no one else wanted to.  We are like any other broadband delivery company, we have to live within the limits of available equipment and we will control our network for the best service to all.  Some file sharing applications and such may cause degradation to the system and we reserve the right to take what ever steps necessary to keep our system working for the best of all.  If you unexpectedly run over your bandwidth package we will not surprise you with a huge charge, you might receive a warning to let you know that you are using more than expected.  But, if you continually abuse your package allotment you will be charged.  So if you expect to use more bandwidth than on your current package you may want to purchase more bandwidth to accommodate your needs.   

Current pricing plans are available on our website. 

Please let us know how we are doing! Please let us know if you are experiencing trouble, and please don’t wait two weeks and get mad and then tell us it has not worked for two weeks, we cannot watch every connection.  Type your paragraph here.