Eastern Indiana Wifi Inc.

​​Wireless technology has progressed in the 12 years that we have been serving the Eastern Grant County and adjoining areas.  It has not been our ambition to grow geographically but to be the best we can be for the areas we serve. In the past year and a half things have really accelerated.  We are now testing and installing two different types of equipment that will greatly enhance your internet experience.  We are installing equipment that will deliver 50 megs per customer, 10 times the speed that many enjoy now and 100 times the speed that we are able to deliver in some areas.  Some equipment is installed on the Upland North and South towers already.  Some of the equipment is still line of sight meaning that trees hurt the signals and still don't reach all customers but is very fast and carries a lot of through-put.  We are also testing and installing equipment that will penetrate trees which will reach most customers in the area of coverage of each location.  This new equipment has just come onto the market and still has some bugs but shows real promise for rural areas like eastern Grant County!!!!!